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ORBNET Streaming Engine

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The most robust all-in-one streaming solution for Milestone XProtect

With the Streaming Engine, you can send audio and video streams from Milestone XProtect to other VMS, monitoring centers, analytics engines, and social media platforms. The Streaming Engine was developed to provide an efficient and redundant way of streaming video out of Milestone. Initially, the aim was to create a better offering than the ONVIF Bridge that would guarantee uninterrupted streaming 24/7. The Streaming Engine is currently used in several high-security sites where high availability is imperative. The solution continues to deliver high-quality video and audio at very low CPU usage.

Supported Transmission Protocols:
• RTSP / RTSP over SSL

Supported Web Transmission Protocols:
• WebRTC

Supported Ingestion protocols:

RTSP/RTSPS Live and Playback Streaming

One-click solution to stream any camera out of Milestone using RTSP or RTSP over SSL (RTSPS). Multiple Streaming Engines can be set up in parallel to guarantee high availability. Several streams can be activated for each camera simultaneously and playback clips can be requested by specifying the desired date and time directly in the URL. GStreamer and VLC media player can be used to view the streams locally or remotely and we are compatible with the majority of RTSP based video clients and video drivers. The Streaming Engine streams can be ingested into Milestone's Universal Driver or our own version of it, the ORB Driver. This provides a simple to use interconnect type solution without the need for XProtect Corporate at the head-end.

Live Stream your cameras to YouTube using the RTMP Streaming protocol

A number of web platforms use the RTMP Protocol, including YouTube, Azure, and AWS, but also to overcome the problem of port-forwarding on sensitive sites. As opposed to RTSP, RTMP allows you to stream data from Milestone without port forwarding. This provides a simple but secure solution for streaming video outside of a site. Getting YouTube Live streaming up and running is straightforward. Once linked to your account, a camera can be sent to a live stream in just a few clicks.

Rich Timelapse feature for capturing still images over time

We have implemented a Timelapse feature so that sites can take a few images a day over a very long period and combine them into a video. Any camera can be configured to save snapshots to a local or mapped network drive. Specify whether the snapshot should be taken on an event, timer, or motion. Set a schedule to capture images at specific times of the day.

RESTful API for easy integration with Analytics engines and Monitoring centers

Our RESTful API allows for custom integrations. Use our API to manage the available streams and get a list of available cameras. Our Alarm Server plugin uses this API to generate an RTSP video URL that can be injected into the alarm to playback a short clip of an alarm or go into a live stream. Our team is working on a web client solution that allows for live streaming and playback in browsers without transcoding. This solution will work with both our Streaming Engine and Alarm Server API.

Supported Languages

Would you like us to add another language? Send us an email at

Features & Protocols

• Runs as a standalone service that can be installed on multiple servers for high-availability.
• Robust design that will resume after recovering from network failures, Recording Server failovers, Management Server failures, etc...
• One-click RTSP stream activation integrated into the Management Client
• Secure RTSP Streaming using self-signed or imported certificates.
• RTMP Streaming with added support for social media platforms (YouTube, Twitch, etc..).
• RTMP Ingestion
• SRT Ingestion
• All ingested streams can trancoded and can be redistributed via RTSP, SRT, WebRTC and HLS
• Timelapse and snapshot feature to save images on a timer, event or schedule.
• Supports low-latency H265, H264 and MJPEG.
• Supports AAC and G711 Audio.
• Embedded YouTube API allows one-click broadcast to YouTube.
• Select between the availalbe Milestone camera streams by adding "/stream=<stream number>" to the end of the RTSP URL.
• Supports both TCP and UDP protocols with optional encryption.
• Proxy feature to send cameras streams through multiple linked Streaming Engines.
• Our API let's you get the list of available cameras and enable/disable streams remotely.


Management Client Plugin
Play in VLC in 4 steps
Timelapse Settings
Timelapse Viewer
Service Controller
Streaming Engine Settings
Real-time log viewer
Multiple Concurrent Playback Streams with mixed timestamps


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