i-PRO Active Guard Search comprises of Edge-based AI cameras and an Active Guard server.

This solution is for cameras connected to the Active Guard server and Milestone XProtect. The video stream is connected to Milestone for standard recording. Best-shot images and metadata is sent to the Active Guard server.

The i-PRO Active Guard Plugin for XProtect allows for a connection to be made to the Active Guard server from Milestone XProtect. After installation and a simple connection made in the Management client, the Active Guard Search tab will be available in the XProtect Smart Client.

When a search is requested from the XProtect Smart Client, the Active Guard Best-shot thumbnail images are returned to the search preview pane. When a thumbnail is selected the corresponding video recording is shown in a preview window.

Further search filter options can be selected to expand or limit your search results. Watchlists can be created for Faces and People for notification.

The Active Guard Plugin for XProtect allows:

  • Search by people's characteristics such as gender, age, and clothing color.
  • People's characteristics also can be saved to a watchlist.
  • Search by vehicle characteristics such as type, color and moving direction.
  • Search face and register to watchlists.
  • Face matching alarm generated on the i-PRO Active Guard server can be used in the Alarm manager on XProtect.

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Smart Client - Active Guard Overview
Management - Setup
Active Guard - People Filter
Active Guard - Vehicle Filter
Active Guard - Vehicle Search
Smart Client - Active Guard Tile

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