Paxton Net2 Integration to XProtect Access

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The ORBNET Systems integration to Paxton Net2 is an updated solution using the Milestone MIPSDK and Paxton WebAPI and enables Milestone Smart Clients to receive Net2 Events and to acknowledge alarms back to Net2.

The Plugin to XProtect Access allows:

• cameras to be associated with doors as they are viewed in the Smart Client - both live and playback.
• Access Monitor in the Milestone Smart Client will show card holder details in real-time as door events are triggered.
• Pop-up feature enabled in the Smart Client so that users are notified of access requests.
• Interactive icons on the Milestone Map - Open, hold-open and close doors along with acknowledge alarms.
• Search on events/doors and Cardholders in Access Control Tab.
• Close alarms in Net2 from the Milestone Smart Client.

Supported Languages

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Paxton Access Product Comparison

Legacy version V2 by ORBNET V3 (in development)
Dedicated Support ❌ EOL (End-of-life) Available Available
Milestone Compatibility ❌ Up to 2020R2 2017 or later 2017 or later
Paxton Compatibility Net2 Version 5.03 or later NET2 Version 6.02 or later NET2 Version 6.02 or later
Technology Paxton Net2 Legacy SDK Paxton Net2 API Paxton Net2 API
Personnel Data Basic Full Full
Acknowledge Paxton Net2 Alarms From XProtect
IO Boards Limited Full IO Support Full IO Support
User Management User Management Add Visitors Full User Management
Scan Token with USB Desktop reader (Keyboard Output only)
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Live Maps
Door and Reader Icons
Management Client Configuration
Live Events
Personnel Auto-Tracking
Visitor Management
Access Monitor
Personnel Information

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