Milestone Developer Champion 2021

Milestone Systems A/S has awarded ORBNET co-founder and director Eric Bourque with the title of 2021 Developer Champion!

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ORBNET SYSTEMS are a UK based security system software company focused on video surveillance and custom software development.

ORBNET SYSTEMS leadership team comprise a former Milestone Solution Engineer, and a two-time nominated Milestone Kick-Starter software engineer.
This combined industry experience equates to 14 years in the Surveillance Industry and Milestone eco-systems, providing us with a unique insight to identify and solve problems in video surveillance and thereby produce software solutions with a global application.

We specialise in video streaming protocols, radar technology, surveillance drones, alarm systems, access control and cloud integrations.

We have a number of products available on the Milestone Marketplace and we are well placed to help customers and end-users with the complexities of video surveillance.

All of our solutions install with a 30day trial. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

ORBNET Custom Development for Milestone XProtect
We can integrate almost anything into Milestone. We have priveledged access to Milestone's development department which makes us the best choice to integrate new feature into Milestone XProtect. Please feel free to contact us if you have any special develpment requests or ideas.
ORBNET Systems Consultancy Partnerships
ORBNET Systems are also a key partner of Tiger Technology and fully believe in their approach to enable Milestone installations to be able to access Cloud storage options. We can help design systems supporting multiple public and private cloud vendors as cloud migration becomes a key driver in innovation for the surveillance industry.

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