Evidence Safe for Milestone XProtect

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The ORBNET Evidence Safe will integrate with Milestone XProtect VMS to assist with the protection of critical video which requires long-term protection for evidential or commercial purposes. It builds upon the Milestone Evidence Lock and Export functions to provide a robust, secure and corporate solution to exporting critical evidence out of the Milestone media database.

Evidence Safe provides the following powerful features:

  • Customised Milestone Smart Client UI to capture additional meta-data regarding recorded video (for example, Job Reference/Operation Name and Exhibit Numbers).
  • Automated export of video, audio and metadata to a file share (MASTER and WORKING copies) in a format that can be played outside of Milestone.
  • Import any existing evidence locks into the Evidence Safe for immediate protection.
  • Fast and reliable hash calculations of video evidence to prove immutability.
  • Easy installation, client & email notifications, management dashboard, automated integrity checks and many more features.
  • Export of multiple cameras, mics and metadata in single export - all played back using the stand-alone Milestone Smart Client Player
  • Lots of options - include bookmarks, Milestone Digital Signing (when configured on the Milestone Recording Server), control re-export

Supported Languages

The ORBNET Evidence Safe is developed and supported by UK Security Cleared staff.


Milestone Smart Client Integration
Milestone Management Client Dashboard
Comprehensive Export Settings
Bulk Import of existing Evidence Locks
Rich Notification Settings - fully customisable
Live Log for Administrators to check system operation
Video exported to file system folders
Playback via stand-alone Milestone Smart Client Player (included with the export)
Hash verification tool included - reassurance that evidential product has not changed
Email notifications to users and administrators

Video Demonstration

Installation Manual

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