ORB Driver (BETA)

The ORB Driver is an improved Universal Driver with customizable metadata channels.
The driver's main purpose is to succeed where the Universal Driver cannot, and to provide an easy way to overlay text data from various sources over the recorded image.
The ORB Driver can be combined with our ORB Converter to record data from speed radars, alarm panels and even packaging stations by overlaying scanned barcodes and mesured weights from scales at the same time. ORBNET will provide continuous support for this driver, updating it regularly to support new devices are not supported by Milestone.
Although still in Beta, the ORB Driver can already do more than the Universal Driver thanks to its underlying technology, Milestone's new Framework Driver.
• Supports high-resolution H264 and H265 streams (tested up to 4K).
• Supports RTSP, RTSPS and RTMP streaming protocols.
• RTMP is capable of receiving live streams from various broadcasting technologies like OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)
• Compatible with our RTSP Server technology which can be used broadcast any Milestone camera to streaming services such as Youtube and Twitch.
• Supports AAC Audio.
• The metadata channels can receive text data from any TCP Server. We recommend the ORB Converter by ORBNET SYSTEMS LTD for this purpose.
• Metadata is automatically displayed over the video feed in the Smart Clients and can be viewed in playback mode as well as exported. No Smart Client plugins required.
• Metadata can automatically create searchable bookmarks.
• Data received on the metadata channels can be linked to Milestone's rules engine to create alarms depending on the data that is received.
• Metadata text color can be configured and can switch between two colors depending on text match.
• Alarms can be triggered if the metadata source is disconnected or if it has not received any data after a configurable number of hours.
• Metadata WILL NOT be overlayed Smart Client camera snapshots.
• Metadata WILL NOT be visible in non-Smart Client player export (no metadata in AVI and MKV).


Connect with URL (RTSP, RTSPS and RTMP)
Metadata text overlays
Metadata configuration
ORB Driver Events

Video Tutorial (Coming soon!)

User Manual

Available on June 30th, or sooner if you need it.


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