ORB Converter

The ORB Converter's primary function is to take barcode scanner data and/or RS232 ASCII data from the USB port and make that data available through a TCP Server.
This converter comes pre-installed with a special Windows IOT version for Raspberry PI. A mouse, keyboard and monitor can be plugged into the device to monitor and configure the various settings for sending and receiving data.

• Supports any RS232 to USB converter with an FTDI chipset. All RS232 options are configurable.
• Supports any USB barcode scanner that can work in "Keyboard Wedge" mode.
• RS232 to USB Converter and Barcode scanner can be used simultaneously.
• A prefix can be added to each USB source to differentiate the data exiting the TCP Server.
• As reliable as industrial converters as long as proper power packs and SD cards are used (we did our research).
• Designed specifically to work with the ORB Driver, our very own universal driver for Milestone. Any data received from the converter can be overlayed as text on one or more Milestone cameras without the need for Smart Client Plugin. The data will be displayed in the Smart Client in real-time and will be recorded as metadata. Smart Client Player Video Exports are also supported.
• Can convert TCP IP data to RS232 data.
• All settings can be configured remotely through the Windows IOT web page.
The obvious use case for the ORB Converter is to be used in packaging areas, where personnel can scan packages with a barcode scanner whilst the package is being weighed on a scale.
The ORB Converter can collect the scanned barcode data and the package weight from the scale and send both to Milestone to be recorded as metadata alongside the video stream.
Other use cases include but are not limited to jewellery scales, speed radars, alarm and intrusion panels and rs232 printer ports.


User Interface
ORB Converter
RS232 to USB
Keyboard Wedge Barcode Scanner
Compatible with FTDI Chipsets
Smart Client Metadata Text Overlay
Windows IOT

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